A Bit of a Ramble and an Apology


Been a long time since I posted here – sorry about that.

What to Do?

I’d’ve tweeted this if I could get it down to a (series of) pithy comment(s).

I’ve got 2 book reviews outstanding (sorry again!). I’ve got a book I’m 44% through, which is short and I’m determined to finish (still a slog though). I’ve got household chores. I’ve got techy projects (well ideas for). I’ve got journal entries I could write. I’ve got ideas for fiction I could at least write down. I’ve got faith stuff to ponder.

Somehow I feel like I’ve got nothing I want to do and a whole day ahead of me.

Where to Do It?

It’s weird how different social networks/online presences have different feel to them. Twitter feels like a place to be witty (if you can) and to find/follow interesting people. My twitter has some people I know but lots of celebs/writers/creative types. Facebook is mostly people I actually know – work, family and friends. Writing on Facebook always has the feel of “would I like my mum to read this?” (my mum’s not online though recently she seems to be getting reports of what’s on FB from my sister). There are forums on which I’m semi-anonymous and that’s ok but I only get to share parts of myself there – related to the forum topic.

This – my blog – feels more like my personal space to express things. Although I’m aware that it’s mostly read by people linked through one of the other places.

A Thought About Not Doing Stuff

This occurred to me whilst running the other day (I run now, how weird is that?):

I used to think that I often didn’t do the things I knew I should be doing for one of two reasons – too scared or too lazy. Now I’m genuinely not sure what the right thing is a lot of the time.


About shuggie

My name is Shuggie, Paul or LatePaul depending on where you know me from. I work in computers (databases) and occasionally write about softw
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