The Accidental Diet – Week 11 (ish)

(technically Week 10.6!)

So I said I needed to make a change and this is at least part of it – move my official weigh-in and (blogging) day to Friday. This works well for a couple of reasons – first Friday morning immediately after Thursday which is a fast day, is usually my lowest point. It was last week and it was again this morning. Second, since I only fast two days a week I have a run of 3 non-fast days over the weekend. So Monday’s fast, even with the exercise, is not always enough to make up for anything I might have gained.

Now just switching to Friday and getting a “low” reading isn’t what’s making me happy on its own. It’s the fact that this time last week I was 268.2 and so not only am I down on Monday’s figure but I’ve lost real weight over the week.

I’ve stopped logging my “normal” exercise in MFP and I’m considering setting my daily calorie target based on my old regime[*] but I haven’t really changed anything that I’m doing food or exercise wise – so that’s good because it means I haven’t “stalled”. The thing that had me down on Monday was the idea that I would have to get more radical to keep losing and that that would lose me the one great advantage of IF – sustainability.

Lost: 2.2lbs
Lost so far: 16lbs
Average Weekly Loss: 1.45lbs
Weight: 267.2lbs (19st 1lb)

Created by MyFitnessPal – Nutrition Facts For Foods

[*]basically take my old diet of 1800-cals a day plus a bit more a weekends, work out the weekly total and subtract 1200 (2 x 600 for the fast days). Subtract another 1000 (2×500 for 2 less walks a week). Divide the result by 5 and that will give me the total for non-fast days. This would be a total total and any exercise I do can be logged for interest but not ‘eaten back’. That would then give me the calorie equivalent of my old diet – which worked for as long as I could keep it up – but in an IF style, hopefully easier to stick to.


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