The Accidental Diet – Week 8

Well it feels like it’s been a long time coming but I finally lost my first stone. IF is definitely a slower way to go but it also feels more sustainable. I was comparing my time to lose the first 14lbs with a couple of times from the past. I suspect that whereas the rate tailed off quickly with IF it will be more consistent. So – PREDICTION! – I’m betting on losing another stone by 4-mar-2013 (16 weeks).

Another thing to remember about Lesamy in particular is that I started this diet 2 ½ stone down from where that one started. Which means that I’d kept off those 35lbs (10% of my body weight) for over four years. That in itself is a very good thing – the health benefits of losing (and keeping off) even that amount are real.

But it’s mainly nice to pass a couple of milestones (the stone off and < 270)


Lost: 1.6lbs
Lost so far: 14lbs
Average Weekly Loss: 1.75lbs
Weight: 269.2lbs (19st 3lb)

Created by MyFitnessPal – Nutrition Facts For Foods


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