The Accidental Diet – Weeks 6 & 7

So it’s been two weeks since I updated you but I have still been weighing myself and for one of those weeks at least I was also trying to keep up the diet.

Week 6

Due to leaving to travel to my parents for Christmas I weighed myself on the Sunday not the Monday. To be honest I was surprised and pleased because some of my non-fast days had been very calorific – it being the run up to Christmas and all. However it was a genuine reading so here it is:

Lost: 1.8lbs
Lost so far: 11.4lbs
Average Weekly Loss: 1.9lbs
Weight: 271.8lbs (19st 6lb)

Week 7

Which was Christmas week. I travelled home on the Sunday night and didn’t really attempt any fast days. I did find however that I ate probably only one main meal a day and then snacked a lot, but less than I otherwise would perhaps. I have had opportunity to do my fast days since I got back but haven’t apart from today so I’m very pleased with the figures below (though I’m hoping for something a bit better in the coming week)

Lost: 1lbs
Lost so far: 12.4lbs
Average Weekly Loss: 1.77lbs
Weight: 270.8lbs (19st 5lb)

Created by MyFitnessPal – Nutrition Facts For Foods


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