The Accidental Diet – Week 4

I’m not impressed.

This wasn’t supposed to happen. It certainly wasn’t supposed to happen so soon. Most of this week unofficial weighings have led me to worry that the rate of loss had slowed dramatically. I was already feeling grumpy about that. But to put on a pound? Pah!

I think the problem is that a) having done this before I’m used to the initial losing-weight-easily phase lasting longer and b) I believed the hype about IF – specifically that I could “eat what I liked” on non-fast days. Having said that though, I have set my MFP goals for a pound a week and I try to use that as a guide as to whether I’m over-indulging. I don’t feel bound by it but I do track the calories (because as I said I want to see how the +5 prediction holds up). So I know that most days I was under my calories (including exercise) but one day I went over quite a lot. Still, I didn’t think it would make this much of an impact.

Having, as I say, anticipated a slow-down I told Melissa that if I didn’t lose anything or went up I’d probably add another fast day. But at the moment the only way to do that would be to make it Saturday – which I find a little tough. I guess I’ve believed that this (IF) would be “sustainable” and by “sustainable” I secretly meant “easy”. Fasting is not that easy but it’s soon forgotten when it’s only a day at a time.

There are other factors – I did less exercise over the last few days (which was intentional) and I haven’t had a bowel movement in a couple of days (sorry TMI I know) – so I’m tempted to wait another week before making rash adjustments. I may yet come down again. We’ll see…

Oh well.

Lost: -1lbs
Lost so far: 7.8lbs
Average Weekly Loss: 1.95lbs
Weight: 275.4lbs (19st 9lb)

Created by MyFitnessPal – Nutrition Facts For Foods

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