The Accidental Diet – Week 2

So this is my first full week of IF/5:2. When I last wrote I’d done one day of fasting. I have now done three (including today) and the rest were “normal” days. Which sometimes meant eating normally but at least once meant eating quite a lot. I’m tracking my calories every day at MFP but I’m happy to go over and I am “eating my [exercise] calories” on non-fasting days.

However I’m aware that almost anything works for the first few weeks so I’m hoping to rein in the excess a little and MFP’s idea of what I need to be doing to lose a lb a week seems to me generous enough for a normal day.

Lost: 3.4lbs
Lost so far: 6.8lbs
Average Weekly Loss: 3.4lbs
Weight: 276.4lbs (19st 10lb)

Created by MyFitnessPal – Nutrition Facts For Foods


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