RED Book 24: The Truth – Terry Pratchett

Yay! Discworld #25. And I’m now into the 21st Century with my catch-up.

The Truth is an Ankh-Morpork centred novel about the arrival in the city of the printing press and the newspaper industry. I knew that this was one of Melissa’s less favourite discworld books and so I was prepared for it to be not that great. So maybe partly because of lower expectations I actually quite enjoyed it.

It was a little odd to have a story in which Vimes and Vetinari appeared but were not a huge part of the plot. There were a couple of new characters that seemed to be a bit over the top just for the sake of it. But I quite liked the protagonist, I liked his assistant/romantic interest and I enjoyed a couple of the other minor characters.

My reviews of Discworld books risk getting samey (like the books themselves?) so I’ll leave it there I think. I’ll try to save myself for the books that make more impact, and I believe #26 is supposed to be very good.

7/10 – another fun discworld romp.


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