TBR Madness

OK, so remember how I said my TBR was 189 then I read a couple of books and it went up to 190 (because of re-org) but that it would definitely be below 190 by the end of the month?

That’s possible but looking unlikely. See I was counting incorrectly. I was just counting my To-Read list on Goodreads – which once I’d sort out the ‘wishlist’ issue was fine, except – I also need to add in the Currently-Reading list. Especially since I’ve added three to that list. (that’s right setting aside going on)

So my current TBR is 192. Of course if I retrospectively apply the same measure then my TBR was 193 before I read The Courtyard. And since I’m expecting delivery of a book I pre-ordered last year it’ll soon be back up to 193.

Anyway – long story short I’m going to stick with 192 being my current TBR and stick with 189 being the figure to beat for March. Which would mean 3 books after the one I’m reading now.

Possible but unlikely.


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