RED Book 11: Alan Moore’s the Courtyard – Alan Moore, Jacen Burrows

When I bought this I was in a mood to read a graphic novel/comic but didn’t know much about the medium (still don’t really). I confess I bought this because it had Alan Moore’s name on it (and I liked Watchmen) and it was relatively cheap.

So bear that in mind.

The reason it was cheap was probably because it was short, just 48 pages I believe. Which of course made me dither about whether to include it in my RED list without feeling like I cheated. But, well, it’s listed as a book on Goodreads and so it’ll come off my TBR total and will be added to my list of books for the 2012 challenge on Goodreads, so…

Anyway even though it’s short it is rather beautifully drawn and so there was a chance to linger over the artwork.

The story – well it reads like a short story in that it’s leading up to a very specific ending, punchline, whatever – and that’s OK. Except I felt it wasn’t as strong an idea as it needed to be (or possibly I’ve read too many short stories). It may help if you’ve read H.P. Lovecraft[*]

6/10  not a total classic but not bad as a story and nice to look at

[*]though I haven’t and I sort of got the references[**]
[**]well I got that there were references to get and that they were Lovecraftian.


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