RED March

So 2 months in and I’ve read 10 books. Goodreads tells me I’m 2 books ahead of my 50 book target but I also note that I only read 3 books in February so I’m coasting a little. Also I’m not Reading Every Day, but I am reading more often and well, just more.

TBR wise – I was supposed to get my list down to below 189 wasn’t I? Well it’s at 190. Not, I hasten to add because I have bought any new books but because I split some collected volumes. When I joined Goodreads I entered my paper books using the ISBNs on the back – which included a couple of trilogies and so on. Now that I use GR as my master list of what I’ve got, what I’ve read and what I’m going to read it makes more sense to split it into actual books – so I can marked The Big Sleep as read even though there are two more books in that physical volume not read yet.

So a little re-org on the lists meant my TBR went up but not really. Am I going to use that technicality to allow me to get some new books? No. I think/hope that by 1st April I’ll be well below 190 so I am going to keep adding to my wishlist but not to my kindle and/or shelf. (Just remembered there will be one book arriving in March that was ordered a long time ago but apart from that…)


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