L3 Week 40 – Only a Week (or Two, or Three…)

Good news first, I’m still going down. This is good because for sure I’ll bounce up this next week (a week today being Boxing Day). The lower I am before I start that the better. And in the grand scheme of things I’m really not too bothered if I have a week (or two) of gain which I then lose in the following week (or two).

The reality is that this week will have many occasions to indulge but by next there will be less, although if I happen to get food/sweets/alcohol as presents then I’ll probably be consuming during week 42. Which is why the key number I’m aiming for is the one on Jan 2nd.

Having said that I’m not bothered it would have been nice if Christmas had fallen differently. Have a look at this graph:

I’ve mentioned this before (twice) but never actually shown it to you. It takes L3 data and lines it up against Lesamy offset so that ‘week 1’ has roughly the same start weight. As you can see initially it was quite a similar pattern and then L3 flattened out (the whole ‘ten weeks‘ episode). One thing that cheered me though was that I passed the lowest point of Lesamy (lowest since records began) a couple of weeks back. Which means I am still losing weight at a point where previously it was starting an inexorable climb. I was destined to keep going down and intersect that orange line. Hurrah!

Except now that’ll happen a week or two later. But it will happen, I’ll make sure of it.

Lost: 0.8lbs
Lost so far: 59.2lbs
Average Weekly Loss: 1.48lbs
Weight: 245lbs (17st 7lb)


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