L3 Week 30 – Ten Weeks Asleep?

OK not actually asleep but not focussing on the job in hand.

First the good news:

Lost: 6.8lbs
Lost so far: 45.8lbs
Average Weekly Loss: 1.53lbs
Weight: 258.4lbs (18st 6lb)

So in a single swoop (week) I’m back down to well over 3stone lost, under 40BMI and my lowest weight of L3. Good eh?

Well yes – and you know this is coming, glass half-empty man that I am – but there’s a big part of me that’s saying “what took so long?”. Because another way to look at it is to say it’s taken 10 weeks to lose less than half a pound. Let’s quickly summarize the last 10 weeks:

Week What happened Result
Week 21 W/e at home plus worry about my Dad put on ~3.5lb
Week 22 Normal Week lost ~3 lb
Week 23 games night + short break with M. put on ~5lb
Week 24 still off work, so stayed off diet put on ~1lb
Week 25 “Friday Pizza” put on ~3lb
Week 26 good week, “lost it” a little at w/e lost ~1.5lb
Week 27 normal week until last 2 days, then “Eat Your Calories” lost ~3lb
Week 28 Week of “Eat Your Calories” stayed the same
Week 29 “Friday Pizza” put on ~1lb
Week 30 Normal week lost ~7lb

I should probably explain what “Friday Pizza” is since I’ve had a couple of those. It’s when I decide on a Friday evening that I’d like to have a night off the diet and have something nice. So in itself not so disastrous you might think, but what has happened is this:

  • I find myself wanting takeaway, Pizza is both nice and easy – there’s one on the way back from work.
  • which makes it easy to order online while I’m still at work and collect it on the way home.
  • obviously I buy something to drink with it – usually a bottle of wine
  • the fact that I walk straight home means no exercise walk
  • drinking means less inhibitions means more indulgence
  • in order to get a nice pizza and sides I end up buying more than I can eat and so Friday night’s indulgence turns into Saturday’s too as I finish it off then.

So I’m thinking that if/when I do this again I need to make sure I get the pizza after my walk and that I stick to a small one.

Anyway looking back over the last ten weeks I see that I under-estimated how long my planned diet holiday was going to be and how long it would take to get back on track. I assumed that I would just have that one week (week 23) and that even after that became 3 that I would lose it back in a couple of weeks. I still think that it was not entirely unreasonable to have a week or two off, taking the longer view, but that having put on 10lbs I needed to lose that back and more before relaxing again. It possibly wasn’t test out an untried theory like MFP’s eat your calories either.

Anyway I feel I need to get a few weeks of normal diet and exercise under my belt again before any major departures.


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