L3 Week 29 – Of Plateaus and PONR

Well this was supposed to be the week where going back to my old regime got me back down to something more reasonable. And it was all going so well until Friday. Friday I decided to have a pizza and a bottle of wine. Both of which carried over into the weekend as I couldn’t finish them all in on night. So I find myself having gone back up again.

Which makes the last 3 months a sort of bumpy plateau. Plateaus do happen in dieting and there are reasons why this happens to do with how your body reacts and changes the way it processes food and responds to exercise. But I’ve been here before and I know this plateau. It’s caused not by any of that stuff but by me getting bored/tired and breaking out of the diet regime.

PONR? Well it’s not really a Point Of No Return so much as it is that I’m doing this now, and will be in some form, from now on. That’s good in one way – it means I don’t panic over the slips. In another I need to be wary of always putting off the getting back on the horse and knuckling down to it.

Lost: -1lbs
Lost so far: 39lbs
Average Weekly Loss: 1.43lbs
Weight: 265.2lbs (18st 13lb)


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