L3 Week 28 – Not, As it Turns Out

…to eating the calories that is.

The simple reason being the numbers below. I can cope with a flat week, I expect them to some extent, it doesn’t devastate me – but only a couple of weeks after a 3-weeks off the diet? I should be losing and losing quite a lot.

Don’t get me wrong, eating the calories was fun and I did like the fact that I was able to go the pub or join in with a work celebration without making it a freebie. A freebie is often too open-ended whereas with this I at least got to have a little extra – a pint, a cupcake – but still have a fixed limit. That felt more in control.

However I am disappointed at not losing weight and I don’t really like the way it skews my behaviour. I’ve pushed myself to do a couple of extra long walks because I know I’ll be able to eat back the calories. I prefer to stick to my limit and do a regular length walk.

I’ll stick with MFP because I like it as a place to record my calories but I’ll stop recording my exercise there so that my calorie limit will be fixed.

Lost: 0lbs
Lost so far: 40lbs
Average Weekly Loss: 1.43lbs
Weight: 264.2lbs (18st 12lb)


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