L3 Week 20 – When 3 is Really 4

So the big headline is that I’ve passed another milestone, 3stone lost, finally.

Why finally? Because it feels like I should have lost it earlier. But to some extent that feeling is bogus. When I did Lesamy I weighed myself in kg. When I did Less is More I’d switched to lbs. So it’s hard for me to get a feel for where I am relative to where I once was. However one measure that sticks in the mind is “stones lost” because those are and were the milestone points.

So when over the last few weeks I seemed to be bumping along at just under 3stone lost I was somewhat frustrated because I knew that in Lesamy I’d gotten to 4stone down reasonably quickly and didn’t start bumping along at the same weight until about 6-6 1/2 stone down.

But then I made a graph to compare the relative losses and for a fair-ish comparison I started the graph at the point in Lesamy roughly equivalent to where I was when I started L3. Which was already 1stone down from my heaviest known weight i.e. 3stone is really 4stone down.

As you can see this time around (blue line) I am still a bit higher than Lesamy (orange) but based on my current average loss (purple) I would beat that, given that I’ll probably slow down but hopefully still maintain my target (green).

The numbers are quite impressive this week, partly I think due to a burst of hot weather and consequent dehydration after my walk.

Lost: 6.8lbs
Lost so far: 45.4lbs
Average Weekly Loss: 2.27lbs
Weight: 258.8lbs (18st 7lb)


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