L3 Week 17 – Lost Week Re-Gained

Or “Gain Re-Lost” I suppose.

So a week keeping strictly to the diet and I’m back to where I was two weeks ago. Isn’t it amazing how you can gain/lose so much in a single week? Well probably not consistently but I had known for a while that weight that’s quickly lost can be quickly re-gained and vice-versa.

So I’m pleased.

And over 3 weeks I still average a loss of 1.7lbs – ask me in 6 months how I feel about that level of loss and I’ll bet I’m envious.

So I really am pleased.

But I try not to focus too much on that. It’s something I’ve always done instinctively but I think I found out why:

So when I seem like I should be more pleased than I am, this is why. (Not just that I’m a miserable git)

Oh and just because it’s fun, from the same guy:

Lost: 5lbs

Lost so far: 39.2lbs
Average Weekly Loss: 2.31lbs
Weight: 265lbs (18st 13lbs)


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