L3 Week 15 – Odious Comparison

Sorry about the lateness of the post – I stayed up late last night finishing my latest book and so put off writing this.

One of the things I noticed recently was that I’m constantly comparing myself to how I was doing back when I first started dieting. So I finally gave in and added a comparison graph tab to my spreadsheet. Basically I took my stats from the first year of Lesamy and lined them up with my current efforts. By ‘lined up’ I mean I chose week 3 of Lesamy to be the equivalent of week 1 of L3 as that was the closest to my start weight this time around. Long story short, I’m doing a little less well (39lbs vs 44lbs) but close enough for it not to be a big deal (so I can stop worrying about it and obsess over something else!)

The other thing that came out of this was to fix in my mind the number 231 – which is not quite my lowest ever[1] that would be 226 – but it’s a low that I reached a couple of times and hovered around during summer 2009. Once I’m back in the 230s I’ll feel like I’ve really made up the ground I lost. And, that’s now nearer than my start point.

A big loss this week. Below 19st – yay! A fair bit was dehydration though – very hot yesterday. I’ve got a weekend away this coming Friday so I’ll be happy to stay level next week.

Lost: 4.2lbs
Lost so far: 39.2lbs
Average Weekly Loss: 2.6lbs
Weight: 265lbs (18st 13lbs)

[1]by “ever” I mean since I started dieting/post-2000. In 2000 I was ~17st (=238) and I was only ever going up until I started Lesamy in Sep 2008.


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