L3 Week 12 – Do NOT Try This At Home

Here’s an interesting and unorthodox way to lose weight:

  • Mon-Thu follow diet and exercise regime as normal
  • Fri – go out for lunch with big boss over from America. Since this is likely to be a big deal count it as a freebie.
  • Since it turns out not to be such a big deal and you somehow feel short-changed, extend the freebie to the evening. Eat and drink too much.
  • Sat – you’re now hung-over so don’t bother with any exercise and comfort-eat even more once you get to the part of the day where you can actually face food.
  • Sun – weigh yourself first thing to discover you’re 5 pounds up. No big surprise really. However – and this is really the key part of the whole plan – now you get sick with some flu-like virus which means you spend 80% of the day in bed and eat almost nothing.
  • Sun/Mon – fail to sleep but do lose a good amount of water through sweat.
  • Mon – wake up, weigh yourself to discover…

Lost: 1.2lbs
Lost so far: 32lbs
Average Weekly Loss: 2.7lbs
Weight: 272.2lbs (19st 6lbs)

However I was not kidding with the title – this is not how to lose weight. I’d much rather be writing about how I need to knuckle down and lose the pounds I put on due to a bad weekend and not (still) be feeling a bit rough right now.

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