L3 Week 11 – One Week=One Meal=Two Hours=One Pound

So last week I only lost 0.6lbs and was a bit down about it. However I knew it was just a blip and partly to do with timing and so on (both the day before and after I’d had weighings significantly less).

However yesterday I was faced with a dilemma. I haven’t had a freebie since my birthday which is over a month ago and co-incidentally the same time I last saw M. And she’s going on holiday at the end of this week for two weeks. So the question was whether to meet up and when, and the best day was looking like yesterday. But that would imply a freebie the day before I weigh myself. I had a few choices

  • weigh myself yesterday (before going) and count that (Sunday is the new Monday)
  • put it off until another night, possibly after M.’s holiday.
  • go, weigh myself today as normal and just go with it on the basis it’s a long game, it’s just a number etc

I wasn’t really too happy either of the first options. The whole point of a meal out with M. being a freebie is that I don’t want people around me to have to change their behaviour to accommodate me. By switching to a less convenient day aren’t I doing that anyway? Plus it is just a number in what I know is a downward trend. And a freebie at this stage is reasonable.

So enter secret option number 4 – part a. I weigh myself yesterday, not to have it replace today’s reading but just so I can say (to myself and on here) “well maybe I put on weight but that’s just the freebie”. So I did and yesterday’s weighing was 273.4.

Anyway I went, met M., ate, drank and had a lovely time[*] and that was that. Weighed myself this morning expecting/fearing that I’d put on a little – 274.4lbs – i.e. last week’s number!

But of course whilst that could be my official weighing as it was today, usually I take the reading after my walk. Secret option number 4 part b – which I only just came up with half-way through the meal last night was to extend my normal walk a bit, just to make extra sure that I pushed that number down a bit. And sure enough at the end of my walk I was 273.4lbs.

So what have I learned? That I can put on in a single meal what I lose in a week’s sticking to the diet (scary, though I think I already knew that really), and that I can lose it all again with two hours of exercise. And that all this is just 1lb. I need another 49 of them to reach my (first) goal.

Mostly it just re-inforces what I knew which is that sometimes the timing throws out the numbers but so long as the trend is still down, take the long view.

Lost: 1lbs
Lost so far: 30.8lbs
Average Weekly Loss: 2.8lbs
Weight: 273.4lbs (19st 7lbs)

[*]and not (just) because of food and drink. It was nice to see M.


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One Response to L3 Week 11 – One Week=One Meal=Two Hours=One Pound

  1. The long trend is definitely what you need to pay attention to.

    Thin people have good and bad eating days but their trend is always more good days than bad.

    The bump in weight after a cheat can be caused by the meal but usually sodium is the main culprit that causes your body to hold onto more water. I usually drop cheat weight pretty fast because most of the time it is water weight and not fat I put back on.

    Planned cheats are needed to help keep our sanity on a long term diet, we just need to make sure the cheats are rare and not a regular thing.

    Good luck reaching your next goal.

    The Grumpy man

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