L3 Week 9 – A New Phone and A New Milestone

OK so the phone thing is only just barely related to L3 but it’s hard coming up with titles so give me a break huh?


I just bought a new phone. It’s a rather snazzy android smart phone and I could go on about how wonderful it is quite a lot. I could, but I won’t. However what I will do is talk briefly about a cool app I installed which I can use to track my weight, my eating, and my walks. OK so I have my spreadsheet for the first, my whiteboard on the fridge door for the second but the third…

This app (Nooma) uses the phone’s GPS to track how far I’ve gone and plots it on a (google) map. It uses the phone’s motion sensor thingy as a kind of pedometer to measure my steps. And it will audibly tell me at regular intervals how far I’ve gone, what my average speed is and how many calories I’ve burned. I love it. Though I had to change the default interval from 1min. I did an hour’s walk yesterday and it was quite distracting having my podcasts etc interrupted quite so frequently.

The measuring of the eating thing is interesting. It uses a system where you categorize foods into green, yellow and red based on types of food and you can then add items in various sizes which account for a number of calories. So your lunch might be 2 medium yellows and a small green. It’s a way of keeping a rough calorie count, together with some idea of balance, without adding up everything – which is obviously what I do now. I like the concept but I don’t trust myself on it yet. I can convince myself that that sandwich was a medium not a large or whatever but I can’t argue with the calorie count calculated (by me) from the bread and meat and so on. But maybe when I reach maintenance…

OK so the milestone was 2 stone lost. I’ve been anticipating this for a couple of weeks and so it feels both good to get here and (slightly) like it’s been a while coming. Relief rather than outright joy. Which is probably unfair on myself since it’s only been 9 weeks (and 8 if you ignore my initial week of no loss).

I guess it feels like I should be further along. Part of that has to do with one of my computers. A password on there (to be changed once I post this!) is “fourstone” to commemorate that particular loss during Lesamy. I had to type it a few times the other day and it irked me to realise I wasn’t even half that yet and it already feels like, well not like things are slowing but that the challenge is setting in.

However updating my spreadsheet today I noticed that whilst I am down 2st on the start of L3 I am actually 3st down on my initial weight for Lesamy. So actually I’m a lot further forward – in only 9 weeks – than I have any right at all to complain of. So good for me!

Lost: 2.4lbs
Lost so far: 29.2lbs
Average Weekly Loss: 3.24lbs
Weight: 275lbs (19st 9lbs)

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2 Responses to L3 Week 9 – A New Phone and A New Milestone

  1. HippoTree says:

    Keep at it Paul – it’s hard going though, isn’t it? I made target but have put a bit on again – just can’t stop eating! Getting a bike soon and Dave’s sorting out easy cycle routes (that don’t involve main roads or hills!) so hopefully that will help.

    And what’s your new phone? I’m changing mine in August (stupid 18 month contract!) and currently thinking about an HTC but Dave wants me to get an iPhone I think – just so he can play with it obviously…


  2. shuggie says:

    It’s a HTC Desire HD. A bit expensive but so far worth it as I love it. I’ve just come out of a 2 year contract which I only signed up to to get my previous phone for free – which was also an HTC but a Windows mobile one, so not as many apps for it. Anyway I like this one better and this time I bought the phone and have gone with a sim-only deal with Giff Gaff which means I’m not committed (does mean I had to pay for the phone outright but overall it’s still cheaper)

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