6000 Pages 2011, I Think I Love You – Allison Pearson (pages 882-1219)

I Think I Love You

So book 2. Which I read in two days. That ought to have given me a big headstart given Under The Dome‘s massive page count. But I’m stuck in the middle of book 3 and am so about a couple of weeks behind.


I Think I Love You is the story of a David Cassidy fan Petra, and the young man, Bill, who has the job of writing Cassidy’s letters for a fan magazine. The first part of the book is set in the 1970s when Petra is 13 and Bill is just starting out on his career – hence the less than glamourous job. The second half of the book takes place in 1998 when, after her divorce and the death of her mother, Petra finds some old letters and makes contact with Bill.
The first half of the book was definitely the more enjoyable. When I first started reading I thought it would be interesting to be in the mind of a 13 year old girl as that’s absolutely not something I am used to. However I quickly realised that the insecurities, anxieties and so on of a teenager girl in the mid-70s were not that different to a boy in the early 80s. But the nostalgia was fun, as was the parallel Petra and Bill story lines.

The second half of the book was good but necessarily had a different feel. It also felt like it meandered a bit. Perhaps that was deliberate – we’re rarely so sure and focussed as we can be as teenagers. Also, if you can’t see where the story is going to end up pretty much from the start of the second part I think you’re not really trying.

7/10 – A bit of nostalgia, some adult angst and a happy ending.


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One Response to 6000 Pages 2011, I Think I Love You – Allison Pearson (pages 882-1219)

  1. Melissa says:

    … so what am I so afraid of ?

    (ps: I googled this to make sure I got the lyrics correct, and it told me thart it’s a David Cassidy song – suddenly this title makes so much sense!)

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