L3 Week 1 – Counting Counts

So, a little late, here’s the results of week 1 of L3. The reason for that is that I made a concerted effort to finish Under the Dome this week and so most of the time I’ve either been reading or certainly not feeling like updating the blog.

Lost: -0.4lbs
Weight: 304.6lbs (21st 7lbs)

Not great eh? Well it’s partly the fact that I started off a bit slack – in my own mind I was ‘easing back into it’, I was eating up the remainder of any treat food I’d had left over. Most of that I probably could have absorbed but by the end of the week I slipped into an over indulgent weekend.

What I realised was that I needed to get tough with myself again. Having a week like that – well the early part of it – is ok when you’re a few months into a diet, but if you start off that way and you slip, well the place to slip to is more extreme.

So I’m back to a tougher regime:

  • actually counting calories (including measuring) and not relying on what I know looks right
  • sticking rigidly to limits – once I start allowing myself to go a little over my daily allowance, or skip exercise, then it’s a slippery slope.

The good news is – early unofficial week 2 reports predict I’ll be looking at a healthy loss.


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One Response to L3 Week 1 – Counting Counts

  1. Good job getting tough on yourself. Most people slide into the diet in the first week. I usually do that myself, but this time I tossed everything that could be trouble. For the last year my pantry and fridge have been empty.

    Keep up the good work and I am sure week 2 will be better.

    The Grumpy Man

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