Less is More Week 16 – Grumpy on the Knife-Edge

Lost: 0lbs
Lost so far: 34.1lbs
Average Weekly Loss: 2.1lbs
Weight: 260.6lbs (18st 8lb)

I’ve spent most of the last 2-3days feeling very grumpy because pre-official weighing suggested that I would put on weight. Given that I’ve stayed as I was I’m mildly relieved and less grumpy – but I’d already thought up the title and liked it.

The reason behind these numbers isn’t a complete surprise to me. Friday night I had a pizza and a bottle of wine, after having been to the pub Friday lunch-time. Also on Saturday whilst I stuck to my calorie limit I didn’t do my walk – which is equivalent to another 800calories.

So if I had splurged in this way I shouldn’t be surprised and grumpy right? Well yes, except that in the past I have gotten away with more and still lost weight. But it’s not even that, it’s the fact that it feels like I can’t even have one day off without it having an impact. Imagine I’ve hit my target, imagine that I’m trying to maintain that weight – then this week’s result is telling me that I can at most afford to let my resistance slip for a few hours or the odd meal. That I must keep up the exercise and diet at a similar level.

Actually if I was at that level I would probably allow myself to go a pound or three up before I started to worry. Although what it does remind me is what a knife-edge I’m on. The first few pounds will go back on as quickly and easily as the first few fall off.

Ultimately I kept going – forcing myself out for a walk on Sunday and keeping to the diet – because what’s the alternative? Even if I decide I don’t want to lose weight do I want to go back to growing ever larger and finding clothes hard to find? to getting out of breath walking up the stairs? No. And the effort in maintaining this weight is an awful lot like the effort needed to lose just a pound or so a week.

In any case, that’s what I’m currently telling myself. I hope it’s working.

This week I have a regular social event on Thursday which involves a take-away and beer. I shall indulge but with one eye slightly on the quantity. I shall also be aware that I shall need to get back on the diet straight away and that that ought to be enough time to allow for a small loss by next Monday. (One of the other things I keep telling myself is that I can ‘absorb’ a single night/day’s excess and still lose weight but there’s a timing element – Friday can be too close to Monday to make it back – I bet I’m down by tomorrow night.)

Anyway with that I’ll sign off. Not so grumpy as I could be.


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