Less is More Week 14 (and 13) – in Which I Walk the Streets

Gained (week 13): 3lbs
Lost (week 14): 3.4lbs
Lost so far: 31.3lbs
Average Weekly Loss: 2.2lbs
Weight: 263.4lbs (18st 11lb)

So I had a bad week-end a week ago. And it’s the usual story – taken me another week to lose it back. I really need to stop doing that. It not only slows me down (not so bad actually) but it makes the motivation tougher – I have to work so hard, just to get back to where I was.

But you’ve heard that all before.

Tonight I walked the streets. Normally my exercise consists of walking laps (and other configurations) around the park. But it’s getting darker and I left work fairly late, so I walked the streets instead. I prefer to do this at this time of year because it’s better-lit and I don’t look like a crazy person – I could just be someone on my way home – unless you follow me and notice that I walk so far, turn around and then walk home.

This is only slightly spoiled by the fact that this is the route I used a lot early this year – Jan, Feb time – i.e. the tail end of Lesamy i.e. when I was losing one week only to re-gain the next – and so on. Thing is, my original “streets” walk is a little impractical, well long, given that I work further away from home (but not far enough that that itself is my walk).

Maybe I need a new route. Or I could use the stepper. Urgh! the stepper!! no.

We’ll see.


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