Less is More Week 12 – Comparisons

Lost: 2.6lbs
Lost so far: 30.9lbs
Average Weekly Loss: 2.6lbs
Weight: 263.8lbs (18st 11lb)

One of the things about having done this before is that I’m constantly comparing my progress with various points in the past. Like I’m about 3months in, how does that compare with 3months in to Lesamy? Or how does it compare with May 2009 when I was at my lowest? Or when, roughly, did I get back to this weight when I let things slide again? Or when was I about this weight earlier this year when I was trying again, but not really succeeding?

The trouble with all this comparison is that a) it’s probably not that helpful and b) I can never remember what I weighed at all those key moments. Oh I’ve got my old spreadsheets but I usually think about this stuff when I’m out walking, so I’m relying on memory. My memory.

Perhaps the best thing is just not to bother comparing. And just as soon as I figure out how to do that…


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