Less is More Week 6 – Weekends are my Weakness

Week 6

Lost: 1.2lbs
Lost so far: 16.1lbs
Average Weekly Loss: 2.7lbs
Weight: 278.6lbs (19st 13lbs)

…that and ankles apparently.

Which means this: I had a good week. By friday night after my exercise walk I was down 5lbs on last week. I knew the final number wouldn’t be that low because it was partly dehydration from the heat+exercise. Saturday I battled with myself over whether to have some alcohol – not so much the thing itself as what it says about my will-power. I compromised and had a few beers. Plus some extra treat items – but stuff I had in already rather than stuff I’d bought – so relatively low in calories compared to what it could have been. I was determined to still lose weight so yesterday was a regular diet day with, if anything, a longer walk than usual. After that I was about 2.5lbs down. I was happy with that.

Today I awoke with what felt like a lightly twisted ankle. Basically fine but not good to walk on. So the extra 0.5-1lb that can disappear in sweat as a result of a long walk didn’t happen. So I’m down on last week (good) but still up on two weeks ago (not as good, but oh well). Still that means if I have a good weekend next week I should be up for a reasonable loss.


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2 Responses to Less is More Week 6 – Weekends are my Weakness

  1. Realy good post. I going to bookmark this site and check it out often.

  2. Chris says:

    For a moment there I was afraid you had *broken* an ankle. There are worse things than not losing an extra pound!

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