Less is More Week 5 – Actions

Week 5

Lost: -1.6lbs
Lost so far: 14.9lbs
Average Weekly Loss: 3lbs
Weight: 280lbs (20st)

So it’s not been a great weekend. A misjudged attempt at a ‘freebie’ after 4 weeks of keeping to the letter of the law. A pizza and a bottle of wine seemed like a reasonable treat. But that turned into a pizza and a bottle of wine on both Friday and Saturday and some other left-over treats on Sunday.

I had a lot of time to think about what to say about this, how I feel about it, as I was pounding out the laps around the park, trying to make up as much as possible with tonight’s exercise. But in the end I thought there’s a lot I can say but it’s my actions that will tell. Next week I will lose it back. I need to in the same way that I need to stick to my daily calorie count or not stop at 5 laps when I’ve said I’ll do 6. Because once I start to let myself slip where does it stop?

In a way that’s the problem with ‘freebies’ they’re too undefined. I think my next treat night will have well defined parameters.


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