Less is More Week 3 – Unsustainable?

Week 3

Lost: 3.4lbs
Lost so far: 12.7lbs
Weight: 282lbs (20st 2lb)

Gotta love these early weeks and the big weight loss.

So I’ve been concerned about a couple of things this week. One is that I repeated my weekend bonus scheme from last week (2300cals on Fri, 2100 on sat and 1900 on sun). The other is that I was doing 6 laps of the park for my evening walk – combined with walking from work and back to my house that’s 1.5-1.75hours.

So on the one hand I’m concerned I’m doing too much exercise whilst eating too many calories at the weekend – hang on you’re thinking, don’t those two sorta cancel each other out? Well sort of but they have something else in common – they’re both probably unsustainable.

1.5+hours is a lot of time every day. On the one hand it’s not like I’d be doing a lot with the time otherwise but on the other it also wipes me out for the rest of the evening. I think it needs to settle down to 1hour/day.

The problem with the weekend bonus scheme is that I can get away with it at the moment because I’ve got that early big loss, I’m doing a lot of exercise and I’ve had virtually no freebies. In a month or two when an hour a night is what I’ve settled down to and I may have the odd meal out or whatever I may struggle to still lose anything if I’m also having extra at the weekend. So I think I need to phase it out. Certainly the next time I have a freebie I’ll have to give it a miss that week.

Still, hard not to be pleased with the progress.


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One Response to Less is More Week 3 – Unsustainable?

  1. braonthree says:

    I wish you success. Weight loss can be so tough for some metabolisms (and I have one of those). I had to work fairly hard to lose some weight back in 2005, but since January of this year I’ve gained it back.

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