Less Is More (is Lesamy mk II) – week 1

There’s a line in the first episode of Studio 60 where Danny Tripp, the recovering addict who’s just failed a drugs test talks to his partner about slipping up. He says,

I had twelve years, now I’ve got eight days

(or something like that I may have the numbers wrong)

Anyway I sort of know how he feels.

Which is to say I have become the cliche.

Which is to say that about 3 months short of 2 years after I started Lesamy I’m almost back to where I started. Ok I didn’t put all the weight back on. But I am back to wearing a lot of my ‘fat’ clothes (which I only still have because I never got around to giving them to the charity shop) and crucially I’m back to getting out of breath when I climb the stairs.



I was going to post all about how it happened. About the point where my motivation failed me and the stages of decline after that. But, well all that’s in my blog really. You can take it that since my last Lesamy update I more or less went back to eating how I used to two years ago. And of course not exercising.

The crucial thing now is to somehow find that motivation, that commitment, that stubborness to not give up that I managed to maintain for several months but haven’t had for longer.

Anyway I’m starting again. I’m counting from where I am now(*) which I think will help me “start over”.


Week 1

Lost: 1.9kg (4.2lbs)

Weight: 131.7 (20st 10lb)

(*)ok, technically where I was last week.


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2 Responses to Less Is More (is Lesamy mk II) – week 1

  1. Chris says:

    Just thought I would drop in with an encouraging word here. You don’t know me, but I bookmarked your blog years ago after reading one of your atbvs posts and have checked in at intervals ever since. Your Lesamy posts have given me more than a little encouragement as I’ve struggled with my own self-improvement plans over the past couple of years. Best of luck with “Less Is More”! I’m confident you can make it a success.

    Oh, and if knowing you have regular readers can provide a little extra motivation, well, now you have that going for you.

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