Lesamy Week 69 – Starting Over

Well not quite starting over because I’m still counting weeks from the original Lesamy start date. But let’s face it – I let things go. I let myself drift to the point where I not only stopped dieting, I stopped exercising and I sort of stopped caring. I was discouraged and not really sure why I was doing it any more – and that doesn’t help. But I realised I had a chance with the New Year to start again and so I took it.

As to where I am – taken since I started Lesamy I’ve lost weight, taken over the last week I’ve lost weight. Since this time last year? I’ve put on 3lbs. Of course over that time I lost a lot of weight – I was down nearly 3stone at one point – but I put it back on again. It’s scary a) how quickly the weight goes back on and b) how quickly I was back to my bad old eating habits. Maintaining is going to be harder than I thought. But for now I’m not thinking of that. For now I just want to start again losing weight. Fortunately I’ve done this before so I know how.

loss this week: 2.1kg (4.6lb)
loss this year: 0.1kg (0.2lb)
Total loss: 24kg (52.9lb or 3st 10lb)
To target: 24.8kg (54.8lb or 3st 12lb)
Current weight: 120.1kg (264lb or 18st 12lb)


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