Lesamy Year Two, Week Four: +11,-2

Been a few weeks huh?

I’ve pretty much been off the diet-and-exercise wagon for most of that. That in itself is ok. However I’ve been doing almost nothing and eating loads – that’s not.

So a week ago I decided to get back on the straight and narrow and weighed myself – came to 112.6kg or +11lbs from the 1year mark.

I managed about 2/3rds of the week mostly keeping to the diet, had a pretty serious take-away weekend and pulled it back a little on sunday. Here’s the numbers based on today:

Weekly loss: 0.9kg (2lb)
Total loss: 32.4kg (71.4lb or 5st 1lb)
To target: 16.4kg (36.3lb or 2st 8lb)
Current weight: 111.7kg (246lb or 17st 8lb)


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