Lesamy Week 50 – Maintaining

Whilst at home for the party I spoke about last time, I spoke with my sister who said that she’d found she could maintain her weight by sticking to the diet during the week – because of the routine of packing a lunch etc – and eating what she likes at the weekend. Certainly I identify with the fact that it’s relatively easy to keep to the diet during the week but the real temptation comes at the weekend. That’s been the pattern for the last few weeks any how.

Anyway I didn’t quite eat what I liked but I did have the party and was at home. But as the numbers show I stayed about the same. Which is not what I want to do at the moment but it’s good to know for the future.

Weekly loss: –0.1kg (-0.2lb)
Total loss: 36.1kg (79.6lb or 5st 9lb)
To target: 12.7kg (28.1lb or 2st)
Current weight: 108kg (238lb or 17st)


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