Lesamy Week 48 – That’s *Lost* Actually Lady!

Remember how excited I used to get when someone at work noticed a change in my weight? Well it happened again a few days ago. A lady who, frankly, has always been a bit odd with me, told me that “I’d put on a couple of pounds” She went on to express disappointment because apparently I’m her inspiration and thus I’m letting her down. She probably sees this as good natured banter and so would I if I knew her better and actually er, liked her. But obviously I’m too polite to say what I actually feel.

The other reason is that’s she’s right. Sort of…

What she’s probably noticed is that between my absolute lowest and my recent biggest (a couple of weeks ago) there’s about a stone’s difference. Something about which I already feel bad and which I’ve already started to turn around. But it’s been tough to get back to dieting consistently. I do ok during the week it’s the weekends I find tough. In particular I start to fancy alcohol and if I give in I end up both eating and drinking more than I should. Last weekend for example I pretty much just binged, but because I’d had a good week before that I managed to still lose weight. This weekend just gone I did better, though I still ate more. I had tried to control it allowing myself the old idea of a treat day of 2300 calories. But 2300 became 2500 and one treat day became two. Still if I did better this weekend than last then next ought to be pretty much on track again. (The weekend after that I’ve got a family party but oh well we’ll cross that bridge…)

So I wasn’t expecting too much from today’s weighing but got a nice surprise:

Weekly loss: 0.8kg (1.8lb)
Total loss: 36.8kg (81.1lb or 5st 11lb)
To target: 12kg (26.6lb or 1st 12lb)
Current weight: 107.3kg (236lb or 16st 12lb)

Equivalent to: 27-April (16 weeks ago)

Which is nice because I lost more than the almost-nothing I’d expected, because I’m back below 17st again, because ~2lb a week is a good rate (as we know) and because weird work-lady got it wrong. I actually lost a couple of pounds.

So there!


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