Lesamy Weeks 45-47 – 15 is the new 12

Lesamy Week 45

Weekly loss: 1.2kg (2.6lb)
Total loss: 36.8kg (81.1lb or 5st 11lb)
To target: 12kg (26.6lb or 4st 12b)
Current weight: 107.3kg (236lb or 16st 12lb)

Lesamy Week 46

Weekly loss: -2.4kg (-5.3lb)
Total loss: 34.4kg (75.8lb or 5st 5lb)
To target: 14.4kg (31.8lb or 2st 3lb)
Current weight: 109.7kg (241lb or 17st 3lb)

Lesamy Week 47

Weekly loss: 1.6kg (3.5lb)
Total loss: 36kg (79.4lb or 5st 9lb)
To target: 12.8kg (28.3lb or 2st)
Current weight: 108.1kg (238lb or 17st)

Equivalent to: 20-April (20 weeks ago)

First, apologies for the lazy, cliched, ‘X is the new Y’ format but I haven’t got the time or inspiration to come up with a better title.

Second, I won’t dwell on the numbers above – a good week, a week’s holiday where I overdid and a week where I pulled it back a little. I’m happy to be going in the right direction, a little less happy to be going up and down so much…

Anyway, since promising myself a ‘pause’ at week 52 hasn’t really worked, I’ve decided to change my target – my current target – to 15 stone instead of 12. I should be able to hit this by Chrismas or just after. If I then try to ‘maintain’ for a while and I settle somewhere between 15 and 16 then I won’t be desperately unhappy.

12 stone would still be a nice long term target – like over the next year or even two.

I really must get back to updating this every week too.


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