Lesamy Week 41 – The Week After Effect

This week I think I’m suffering from what I’m calling “the week after effect”. I’ve noticed in the last few months that often now my body reacts to what I do about a week later. So last week’s dramatic loss came on the heels of a weekend away and associated calories (although I was a lot less binge-y than I could have been).

This week – where I have had a week sticking to the diet – I lost less than a pound.

I think this effect is partly because I tend to have my freebies etc at weekends and since my weighing day is Monday it often hasn’t had time to ‘settle’ as it were. Also I think, in terms of loss not showing up as quickly, there’s an issue to do with how frequently I visit the loo. Without going into TMI it’s less often when I’m sticking to the diet and so it can seem like I’m putting on weight because I haven’t yet… well you get the idea (and if not I really don’t intend to spell it out).

So given that I’ve had a good week I fully expect to reap the benefit next week.

Weekly loss: 0.3kg (0.7lb)
Total loss: 39.8kg (87.7lb or 6st 4lb)
To target: 28.1kg (61.9lb or 4st 5lb)
Current weight: 104.3kg (229lb or 16st 5lb)


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