Lesamy Week 36 – A Weekend of Sin versus Loose Skin

I’m going to try to be brief because I’ve got better things to be blogging about tonight and I’d really like to get to them. So…

It’s been another long weekend and a wild weekend, a weekend of “sin”[*] if you will. So another week of losing only a small token amount. I have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand I feel a bit disappointed with myself. I feel like I’ve put back my reaching my target by a week etc. On the other, I feel like part of me wanted to slow down a bit.

Why? Well last week – week 35 – I lost 3.3 lbs, and I know from my daily weighing that up until thursday I was on track for even more this week. And that’s quite a lot, more than the 1-2lbs a week that is supposed to be for the best. And part of the reason I feel this is that I’ve started to notice some floppy flabby bits at my sides. They are, or will become, what is euphemistically called ‘loose skin’ – i.e. rolls of fat.

I’ve always had a bit of paranoia about loose skin since I realised it was a possibility shortly after I started. It’s not a foregone conclusion and even if I develop some it can eventually shrink back over time. I think on balance I’d probably rather be 12stone with a bit of loose skin than 16 without. But I’d rather not have it if I can help it.

And about the only things I can do to help it are exercise – which I’ve not been doing, walking yes, sit-ups no – drinking plenty of water possibly and slowing the rate to the mythical 1-2/lbs a week.

Which is possibly why the mixed feelings. Anyway, even if I do deliberately choose to slow down I think I ought to try to avoid the binge and fast method.

Weekly loss: 0.2kg (0.4lb)
Total loss: 39kg (86lb or 6st 2lb)
To target: 28.9kg (63.7lb or 4st 7lb)
Current weight: 105.1kg (231lb or 16st 7lb)

[*]about that title. It wasn’t really a weekend of sin. It wasn’t even really “sin”. I’ve always, quite deliberately, avoided using negative terms for eating too much. I prefer to talk of “freebies” and going over my “budget” of calories. Eating chocolate isn’t wrong any more than owning a nice car is wrong – but it may happen to be more than I can afford right now. Or I may prefer to spend my money on other things. Anyway I don’t really think eating too much is “sin”, but I couldn’t resist the title once I’d thought of it


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