Lesamy 34 Errata

As the observant will have noticed, 3+3+5+5+8+12=36 not 34. So it’s actually 10 weeks and counting not 12. Still the point about things slowing down stands, but it’s not quite as bad as it seems.

While we’re at it I’ve been thinking about a couple of other points:

Exercise – the ‘received’ wisdom is that exercise doesn’t contribute much to the weight-loss. I think this is a case where a wrong perception has swung too far the other way. I was looking at my spreadsheet and discovered that since I started this exercise has accounted for about 29lbs, i.e. 2 of the nearly 6 stone I’ve lost. This comes with the usual caveats about the accuracy of calorie counts on pedometer etc, but still…

Targets – I’ve been thinking more about 14stone as a target. I’m 39lbs away from that and there’s about 20 weeks until the end of Sept – which would be (roughly) the year mark. So even if it’s not my final target, a target of 14stone would be something good to focus on because it should happen this year. At 2lb/week I might even get there around the time of my one year anniversary – though I’m nervous of making it a time-and-weight target as that might be too much pressure.

And we can just see what 14stone looks and feels like. Of course part of the reason I’ve gone for 12 is that that’s what I need to get to to have a “normal” rather than “overweight” BMI. But then that’s BMI for you…


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