Lesamy Week 34 – No Change, Slow Change

So this ‘rebooted’ thing doesn’t seem to be working.  I had another ‘slack/wild/reckless/whatever’ weekend. After a pretty good week – meaning that overall I lost nothing and gained nothing this week. So I’m not going to do all the stats again – scroll down to Lesamy 33 if you want them.

And of course, as I’ve said before, the worst thing about that is that it just pushes back targets further and further. I seem to have been at nearly 6 stone total loss for weeks. I also made the mistake of calculating when I’d hit 12stone and it’s now looking like Feb ’10.

OK so I just (now) calculated how long each stone took to lose – 3 weeks each for the first 2, 5 weeks each for the next 2, 8 weeks for stone 5 and 12 weeks (so far!) for stone 6.


But the thing is it’s not really that the rate of loss has fallen per se, not when I stick to the diet. It’s that the number of slip-ups and over the top freebies and so on have increased. So if I’m going to keep this going and maintain 1-2lbs/week for the next 8-9 months then I really need to re-boot the reboot.

Mind you, I have wondered about my goal of 12 stone. Today I talked with a guy at work who’s been on a diet the last few weeks to lose a few extra pounds. He’s down to 12 stone he tells me. And he doesn’t really look overweight, slightest of slight potbellies perhaps. Thing is he’s probably 6 inches shorter than me and not a broad. So if that’s how 12 stone looks on his frame on me perhaps it’d be too skinny? I dunno I was 12 stone once and I thought I was overweight at the time.

Maybe I’ll see how I look/feel at 14stone. Which will still be some time off.


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