Lesamy Week 33 – I Came Out

OK this wasn’t the week where people found out for the first time, as I’ve told people and people have noticed, but it was the week where I started being open about it. I decided that rather than carry on being coy I’d had the satisfaction of the unprompted mention of me losing weight and I’d now not deliberately go out of my way to avoid talking about being on a diet (like not really giving a good reason why I didn’t want to go to the pub when I was already going out that night). So I did and it lead to a few conversations and nice comments including:

  • the lady who said “I hope you don’t mind me saying but you’ve lost a heck of a lot of weight”
  • the guy who told me he’d noticed but wanted to wait until he was sure I wasn’t ill or something
  • the woman who used to work with us and came into the office having not seen me for 6 months and was amazed that a) I wasn’t doing some kind of program and b) wasn’t on the front of some slimming magazine
  • my co-worker who was not only impressed that I had lost weight but was (more) impressed that I was cooking properly

So that was all nice. However, typically perhaps, it’s also the week where I had an evening at the pub that was quite a large freebie in terms of calories. I’ve still ended up losing weight so I’m not that bothered but I should have held back a bit more, even for a freebie. I also got warned that I shouldn’t lose too much weight as some women aren’t into skinny men. I shall bear this in mind…

Anyway this week’s numbers are:

Weekly loss: 0.3kg (0.7lb)
Total loss: 37.3kg (82.2lb or 5st 12lb)
To target: 30.6kg (67.5lb or 4st 11lb)
Current weight: 106.8kg (235lb or 16st 11lb)

Still a little shy of having lost 6 stone – but I should get there by next week.


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