Lesamy Week 32 – Lesamy Rebooted

OK, as I acknowledge there’s been some slackness of late. I’ve had my reckless week(-ends) and so on. I’ve managed to maintain a downward trend and not a bad one at that but it hasn’t been what it could have. Last week was my birthday and that meant, in the end, three days of freebies. So I decided to wait but as of today I’m officially rebooting Lesamy.

Specifically this means:

  • doing my exercises – not my exercise (walking) which I pretty much never miss but my exercises which I hate with a passion but do every morning. First I stopped doing them at the weekend then I stopped altogether. As of today they’re back – 15 press-ups and 15 sit-ups. I did them this morning and could tell I hadn’t done them for a couple of weeks.
  • no more recklessness – this means keeping the freebies to a maximum of one a week and keeping the extra calories to a sensible amount. Which means
  • keep an eye on the alcohol
  • not using the stepper to ‘buy’ treats – this is an interesting one because in itself it shouldn’t make a difference to my weight-loss. The whole point is that the extra calories are cancelled by exercise – BUT I feel this practice adds to an attitude of slackness and in-discipline. So from now on I can only use the stepper to ’round off’ calorie calculations and then only to a maximum of 50.

As I said even without these I managed to keep losing weight but it’s getting harder and I am still months away from my target. I think that by ratchetting the discipline back up to the slightly obsessive level it was originally will give me room to slowly relax it again but in time for when I’m hitting the target not still half a year a way.

That’s the theory anyhow – we’ll see what happens. Here’s this week’s stats:

Weekly loss: 0.6kg (1.3lb)
Total loss: 37kg (81.6lb or 5st 11lb)
To target: 30.9kg (68.1lb or 4st 12lb)
Current weight: 107.1kg (236lb or 16st 12lb)

Given the slackness and my birthday etc that’s not too bad.

Oh and since it was my birthday here’s a little indulgence:

First my least favourite picture of me –

me on my 40th

me on my 40th

Now me a couple of years later –

me on my 42nd

me on my 42nd

Cool huh?


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