Lesamy Week 31 – Officially Unofficial

Not a lot to say this time since it’s only a couple of days since last ‘week’ so to speak.

However the stats below show the perils of letting people know an ‘unofficial’ weighing. Someone over at SoF asked for an update so I gave them a weigh-in from that day. Turns out it was 0.2kg less than my unofficial one. Oh well.

Can’t complain because I’ve still hit two milestones – I’m under 17stone for the first time in 9 years and I’m now 75% of my original weight.

Weekly loss: 1.2kg (2.6lb)
Total loss: 36.4kg (80.2lb or 5st 10lb)
To target: 31.5kg (69.4lb or 4st 13lb)
Current weight: 107.7kg (237lb or 16st 13lb)

Oh and it’s my birthday in two days – so I enter my 43rd year weighing about what I did when I was 33.


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One Response to Lesamy Week 31 – Officially Unofficial

  1. M says:

    Well done hon!

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