Lesamy Week 30 – Slackness

I had another reckless weekend – or reckless bank holiday monday anyway.  Which means I suppose I should be grateful that I lost any weight at all. In fact though I did it was largely due to when I weighed myself – which was the ‘usual’ time – but before I’d really pigged out. I know that this had an impact because I weighed myself the next day and had put on quite a lot.

Things have gotten a little slack lately. Freebies being opportunities to pig out rather than sensible treats. Having multiple freebies in one week. Using the stepper to ‘earn’ lots of extra calories. Not doing my exercises. All of which would be ok but I need to be a bit stricter because I’m still only just over half way through and if I’ve slipped this much so far I can’t let it slip too much further.

It’s my birthday next week which involves freebie-ness so after that I think I’ll make a deliberate effort to reel in the slackness and be a bit of more of the obsessive I used to be about Lesamy.

One of the things that I don’t consider slackness is weighing myself more than once a week. The only reason not to do that was de-motivation and whilst it can do that, I am pretty much going to stick with this regardless. Only the official monday weighing counts but the fact I can know day to day where I’m at is ok so long as I don’t get too hung up on it. It helps me to know for instance that I have now lost all that extra weight I put on after monday.

Oh and whilst it makes no difference to the diet per se, one piece of slackness I’ll aim to reform on is not updating this blog on Monday.

Weekly loss: 0.3kg (0.7lb)
Total loss: 35.2kg (77.2lb or 5st 7lb)
To target: 32.7kg (72.1lb or 5st 2lb)
Current weight: 108.9kg (240lb or 17st 2lb)


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