And it only took 6 months…

This is a momentous day, a day foretold, a day long yearned for and yet which was often thought might never arrive…

It didn’t start so well.

As you may remember when I first started Lesamy I didn’t have specific goals. I had a 10% milestone and a “see what happens next” idea. I then quickly became focussed on Christmas and looking thinner for my family then. The 10% milestone went by and it was obvious that it was going to take longer to get to a weight where I looked – how I thought I wanted to look.

Anyway at some point 12 stone emerged as my overall target. It was that because a) it put me in a “normal” range for BMI and b) I’d been that weight before at 21. It’s not like I set it at 10 stone, the weight I was when I was 18. I was thinking that over a long-ish timeframe that was realistic.

That long-ish timeframe was, in my mind, sometime this summer. However it became obvious that it would take longer than that and then I realised it might take up to a year. As you know I passed the half-year mark a week before I passed half-way to my target. And the rate of weight-loss has slowed. Prior to Christmas I was averaging 3.3lbs a week. Since Christmas I’ve averaged just over 2.

When I realised these were the figures last night, I started to think about doing some calculations. I think the rate will probably slow a little more over time but I don’t know how much. So I went for a few options. Here’s my results:

depressing figures

depressing figures

So my most optimistic prediction is that I’ll hit my target just before Christmas, my most pessimistic is next August. Almost certainly it’ll be over 18 months before I hit 12 stone. The final column(s) were just to see what my weight would be if I took whatever I end up at 1 year as being a target to maintain at.

So these figures were a bit of a shock. However I told myself two things

  • it took twenty years to get from 12 to 22+ stone, taking two to get back is not unreasonable
  • it’s more likely to stay off if it comes off at that rate

Still I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little down about it. Anyway I got up from my desk, I went into the kitchen to get a coffee and met S., a colleague there.

“Hi Paul. You’ve lost weight” he said.

“I have,” I said

“Well done”


That was all that was said on the topic but it made my day. Someone noticed!


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