Lesamy Week 26 – Half Way?

Week 26 – I’ve officially been doing this for 6 months!

The plan/hope was that I’d have hit 110kg by now. That’s roughly the point half-way between my original weight and my target. But as you’ll see if you scroll down I’m not quite there yet. In fact I lost very little this week. But that’s ok, I’ve noticed since Christmas that my progress, whilst still good, can be a little erratic – I’ll lose a lot one week and very little the next. But over a couple of weeks it’s always a good rate. I think it’s just fluctuating a little and the exact point at which I weigh myself doesn’t always fall on the exact best time for getting the lowest possible reading.

Anyhow – still going down, which is good.

Weekly loss: 0.3kg (0.7lb)
Total loss: 33.4kg (73.6lb or 5st 4lb)
To target: 34.5kg (76lb or 5st 6lb)
Current weight: 110.7kg (244lb or 17st 6lb)


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