25 Books – YANR* – Set Aside

Believe in me

because I don’t believe in anything

and I want to be someone who believes

Mr Jones, Counting Crows

Part of the reason for the 25 Books idea was to get me reading again “…cos I wanna be someone who reads. I used to be such a voracious reader and I’ve lost that. Whilst I know some of the reasons – time and effort basically – I find that sad. Thus I started 25 Books.

But. Typically of me I started with a spreadsheet and a plan to read certain books in a certain order. And what happened was I got stuck on book 2. (I sneaked I am Legend in as a audio-book)

I’ve always had an issue with not wanting to start a new book whilst I’ve got one on the go. But some books are hard work. Or just don’t grab you right then. So I tend to get stuck.

It wasn’t so much of an issue when I used to read more because I would eventually admit defeat and decide that I’d “come back to it later.” And very occasionally I did. As it is I already have a few books I am in the middle of reading.

But as it is, following the spreadsheet coupled with my desire to finish the book I’m on, means I haven’t read for over three weeks. Because I don’t want to give up on “The Crow Road” (which is book 2) but I can’t find the motivation to sit down and read it. But I don’t want to be someone who only devours what is easy – so I want to at least try to finish more challenging books.

So I’ve decided on a new rule – the “Set Aside” rule – I can “set aside” upto 3 books. I have to give them a chance – I can’t Set Aside unless I’ve read 100 pages or been on the same book for more than 2 weeks. I can Set Aside more than 3 but then I’ll incur a 1 point penalty for each extra book started but not finished (i.e. 4 books Set Aside at the end of the year = -1 from my total)

I was out yesterday buying a birthday present for my sister. I got her a book in the end and I bought a new one for myself. I’m already 67 pages in and enjoying it. So I think it’s a good decision and it means I stand a chance of getting back on course for 25 books – which at roughly 2 books a month I should be on book 6 by now – whereas I’m actually on book 3.

(*YANR=Yet Another New Rule)


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