Lesamy Week 25 – Big Breakfast

When we moved offices at work back at the end of January it had an effect on my eating habits. It became easier to make and take my own sandwiches. Which meant that I was eating slightly more calories for lunch than I had been. Which in turn meant that I compensated by having a smaller breakfast. Probably over-compensated because I found I regularly had 400+ calories spare at the end of the day so my usual one treat had become three.

Which would be fine – as long as it’s in the budget – except I was feeling quite hungry toward the end of the day. Plus I was also struggling a bit with my morning sit-ups. If you recall the reason I started having breakfast at all was so as to have something inside me before I attempted these. I guess I forgot that, or thought that a 100 calorie yoghurt was somehow helping with that.

So now I’m back on my 361 breakfast of cereal. It’s made a huge difference to my feeling less hungry in the afternoons and has, I think, helped my mood. I wish I could say it has made the sit-ups easy, but I definitely think it has made them easier.

So anyway here’s some figures:

Weekly loss: 1.4kg (3.1lb)
Total loss: 33.1kg (73lb or 5st 3lb)
To target: 34.8kg (77lb or 5st 7lb)
Current weight: 111kg (244lb or 17st 6lb)

So I’m now over 5 stone down!


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