Lesamy Week 20 – A Little Bit Down

…as in my weight and my mood.

Weekly loss: 0.3kg (0.7lb)
Total loss: 27.5kg (60.6lb or 4st 4lb)
Current weight: 116.6kg (257lb or 18st 5lb)


I’m not quite sure what went wrong. OK so I have still lost weight and it’s not a tiny amount but it’s still fairly small. Meanwhile I’ve had a week where I’ve not only stuck to the rules but had a lot of exercise. I’ve worked hard this week and unlike some weeks it’s felt like it.

I’ve been hovering around this general weight for the last three weeks. Is this me finally hitting the “plateau”? Makes you think about targets and goals. I once said that,

“As long as my general health and fitness was ok I didn’t feel inclined to go chasing a particular body image.”

But I have haven’t I? I mean I’m fit enough now to not worry about falling over if I have to run for a bus. So the fact I’ve kept going, kept losing weight must mean I want to look slimmer right?

I do. I admit it. I not only want to be healthier, I want to be thinner. But I’m not there yet and it’s taking so bloody long.

Don’t worry I’m not giving up. I’m just having a whinge. It’s my blog and I’ll… (well you know the rest)


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