25 Books – A Slight Tweak

I’m tweaking the rules of my “25 Books” challenge. I promise this is the last time I’ll do this. Firstly I’m dropping “bestseller” from the list of books that get you an extra point. The purpose of the challenge was to get myself to read more and more widely. I can read a bestseller but I don’t get extra points for it.

Secondly I’m adding a bit of clarity to what a “classic” is. For the purposes of this challenge only a classic is defined as a book first published more than 50 years ago and still in print. Also there will be extra points for really old books (see below).

Thirdly I’m ditching the rule about no more than 5 books I’ve started before. If the challenge causes me to finish a book that’s a good thing. I shouldn’t get a bonus for it but I shouldn’t be penalised either.

So the final rules are:

  1. Read at least 25 books before the end of 2009
  2. No more than 3 (of the 25) can be books you’ve read before. If you read more than 25 can you re-read others.
  3. You should read at least 3 books by authors you’ve not read before.
  4. This should include at least 2 new authors (i.e. not just 3 books by 1 new author)
  5. At least one book must have been published (for the first time) in 2009
  6. For each of the targets 1-5 deduct a point if you miss it.
  7. If you read a book from a genre you’ve never read before add a point
  8. If you read a book that you wouldn’t have read but for a recommendation add a point.
  9. If you read a book that can only be bought second-hand add a point.
  10. If you read a book first published more than 50 years ago and still in print add a point. For books first published more than 200years ago add 2 points. For books published more than 500 years add 3 points and for books written over 1000years ago add 4 point.

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My name is Shuggie, Paul or LatePaul depending on where you know me from. I work in computers (databases) and occasionally write about softw
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