Lesamy Week 14 – The Big What?

So in about 30 mins (or however long it takes me to shower and pack) I’m setting off for the long drive to my parents for Christmas. I will have limited internet access (i.e. my mobile) and so this was supposed to be where I post a brief Lesamy update with my pre-Christmas weight-in stats. “Supposed to be” because it didn’t quite work out that way.

You’ll recall that I’ve had two Christmas dos this week and that I was worried about what impact that would have on the diet. So last night, after midnight to satisfy my anal side, I went and weighed myself. The scales read 96.7kg. I tried again. 96.7kg. I tried several times and still got the same result.

Now this can only mean one of three things:

  1. I miraculously lost 50lbs in a week.
  2. All this time when I’ve been weighing myself and going down in small decrements my scales have been wrong.
  3. The scales are wrong now.

3 seems most likely. I tried again this morning and I was down to 96.3. Now 0.4kg is within a plausible range for the normal variation but I suspect what’s happening is that the battery is fading and as it does so the readout it gives gets less and less.

I’ll be able to get a better reading from my mum’s scales when I get home.


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