Lesamy Week 10 – the pictures

So once again Lesamy is late due to concentrating on getting my Slingink Eurofiction entry in on time.

Oh well, I was going to wax lyrical on whether it’s actually still getting harder, talk about how now, after 10 weeks, willpower issues are surfacing that I didn’t have in week 1, and talk about how I was happy with 10% as a target until I beat it and realised 10% didn’t look as different as I thought it would.

I was going to do that then I came across an old photo and realised maybe I do look slimmer. Bear in mind that before starting Lesamy I was heavier than in the picture on the left.


I smushed my face for a tiny bit of privacy, though you can still tell I think that I look thinner in the face.

In terms of numbers –

Weekly loss: 1.5kg (3.5lb)
Total loss: 18.7kg (41.2lb)
Current weight: 125.4kg (276lb or 19st 10lb)


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